Satish Brijlal

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MR SATISH BRIJLAL is a graduate of the University of the Durban Westville and holds a B. PROC degree, having graduated in 1982.

He joined the firm G S MAHARAJ & COMPANY of suite 302 Kara Centre, CNR Grey and Bond Streets, Durban in 1981 where he served his articles of clerkship up to 1984.

During his period of articles, he introduced to the firm litigation matters thus developing a litigation practice in both civil and criminal areas which he later inherited.

He obtained his right of appearance in 1983 whilst serving his articles of clerkship.

In 1996 pursuant to Section 4 (2) of Act No. 62 of 1995, Mr Brijlal was granted right of appearance in the Supreme Court of South Africa.

He is an ex member of:-
  • Isipingo Youth Movement;
  • Isipingo Beach Swimming Club;
  • Isipingo Ratepayer’s Association
  • UDF and M.D.M.
He is presently a member and legal consultant of
  • Reservoir Hills Sporting Club,
  • Oasis of the Lord and Arya Prathindi Samaj of S.A
  • Chairman of Reservoir Hills Sporting Club’s Special Meetings;
  • Chairman of Nagoya Car Association for the second-hand motor vehicle industry;
  • Legal Adviser and Customs Consultant for Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Co. Ltd in Southern Africa.
Mr Brijlal is a founding partner of the firm Harkoo, Brijlal & Reddy and commenced practice in 1985 when the firm was founded.

Currently, Mr Brijlal is a senior consulting partner in the firm Harkoo, Brijlal & Reddy and his interests lie mainly in the field of trade especially in matters relating to the import and export industry of containerized cargo.

Mr Brijlal interacts extensively with the Department of Customs & Excise which falls under the auspices of The South African revenue Service (SARS). His specialization is henceforth largely focused in the area of Customs related matters and his extensive interaction with the SOUTH AFRICAN REVENUE SERVICES is largely attributable to the detention and/or seizure of goods belonging to importers or exporters.

As a practioner, over a lengthy period of approximately 25 years in this vast field involving import and export of goods, clearing and forwarding, transportation of goods by road, air and sea, detention and seizure of high value goods on a daily basis he has, as a result, developed a large Client base both nationally and internationally.

His experience and expertise in the area of international trading have exposed him to High Court matters of National importance.

Mr Brijlal’s clientele are mainly importers, exporters, clearing and forwarding agents, transporters, warehouse operators and bondstore operators.

Most of his Clients are registered as Clients with the Department of Customs and Excise thus necessitating his daily interaction with Customs Officers.

Mr Brijlal also specializes in obtaining licences for clearing and forwarding agents, bondstores especially SOS bondstore operators for the storage, import and export of second-hand motor vehicles.

He is actively involved in matters of a commercial nature including a variety of commercial contracts relating to international trade and therefore enjoys the benefit of having large exposure to negotiations at international level, drafting of commercial agreements for both local and foreign business entities.

The nature of his work often results in Mr Brijlal travelling to various destinations abroad.

Having been exposed to trade related matters in major democracies outside South Africa and having specialized in the field of Customs and Excise since the early years of his practice, he has recorded overwhelming success in Customs related matters and as such is kept active in this area and field of work.

He is amongst few practioners who has a thorough knowledge of the Customs & Excise Act and is thus able to expeditiously resolve matters of a complex nature with aplomb thereby providing his Clients with the satisfaction they expect.

As a Senior Consulting Partner of Harkoo Brijlal & Reddy, he is well respected in the community and the legal fraternity and is often invited by charitable and non-profitable organizations to various meetings where he offers advice on a pro-amico basis.

His success and growth is largely attributable to the efficient and effective service that he renders to his Clients.

Mr Brijlal is committed to providing the highest possible standard of service and strives to finalize his matters promptly and in a diligent manner.
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